Common Causes of Depression

Anyone can get depression at any age. Causes of depression are sometimes not known. However, researchers have confirmed that there are various things that cause depression. Many people experience depression at a certain point in their lives. Below are the major causes of depression.

Depression has been connected to genetics by these researchers. It is not clear yet about the inherited danger factors for depression. Most researchers believe that it might be a risk factor in having parents and siblings who are depressed. Here below are some causes of depression.

One of the major causes of depression is imbalance in brain chemistry. Scientifically, it is believed that when the neurotransmitters do no balance, there could be a cause of depression. Different parts of the brain are able to interconnect with one another by the help of the neurotransmitters which are also part of mood regulation. When there is a short supply of specific neurotransmitters, signs known as clinical depression might be formed.

Another trigger of depression is the sex hormones for females. It is recorded that a greater percentage of people who hail from major depression are women compared to men. This is mainly because of the rise of depressive disorders in women during their reproductive years.  Women are likely to have depressive disorders during their hormonal instability moments like during childbirth and around their monthly menstrual period. After going through menopause, the risk for depression in a woman reduces. Read more claims about depression treatment, visit

The disturbance in Circadian Rhythm can also cause depression. This disturbance causes the depression known as the seasonal affective disorder. This depressive disorder happens in seasons. This rhythm is influenced by the light that enters the eye. This rhythm gets disturbed in times when people spend little time outside like during the winter days. There is a greater risk for people who live in very cold climates where the days are short and dark.

Poor dieting is another cause. Poor eating causes depression in various ways. Depression symptoms are known to be caused by a shortage of vitamins and minerals. Food with little omega-3 fatty acids has been proven to be the start of depression. Food whose sugar level is high also causes depression.

Health problems also cause depression. There is a connection between the body and the mind. When having health problems physically, you will notice that there are also changes in your health mentally. Being stressed for having a long-lasting disease might activate an occurrence of greater depression. Some diseases like liver diseases cause signs of depression.

Depressive disorders are also caused by drugs and alcohol. Some prescribed drugs have also caused depression for some people. Review the medication prescribed to you by your doctors and talk to a physician when you feel depressed. Be sure to see more here!

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